Janet McGee Saunders
Founder & Top Cat, unltd.com

Janet McGee Saunders is unltd.com's principal founder and chief architect.  She is a serial entrepreneur, having started her career with the buying and selling of antiques and books at the age of 7, an activity in which she's still engaged today!  That was followed by 30 years experience designing, creating, and managing large record systems and data repositories.  Her first hands-on computer experience dates back to the mid 1970s. 

Janet has:  extensive administrative and corporate "design and resolution thinking" experience, a strong direct sales background, launched and run companies across multiple industries, and (since the 1980s) worked in and served as a management consultant in a "troubleshooting" capacity to the business, industry, and healthcare sectors ... especially in the areas of Quality Control; Systems and Information Flow Analysis and Design; Enterprise Architecture; and Corporate Branding, Image, and Identity.   She also has many years of non-profit development & fund raising, project management, and publications experience behind her.

Her respective academic degrees and professional certifications cover a gamut of specific disciplines (ranging from the Natural and Physical Sciences and Health Information Administration to Licensed Auctioneering and Real Estate Brokerage).  At one time, Janet was also affiliated with the US Public Health Service.  A soft spot for at-risk youth and delinquent teens and her years of working with them as a young adult in recreational, vocational, and avocational settings resulted in her obtaining a degree in Recreation Leadership as well.  Janet has also long been considered a national authority (best-selling author, advocate, and lecturer) on matters of Privacy and Patient Confidentiality. 

When it comes to "the Concierge gig" ... Janet actually founded one of the earliest executive concierge companies in the country ... in the mid 1980s ... in Atlanta.  (Anybody remember when the Lenox Towers were the tallest buildings in Buckhead?!  It's where the company "lived".)  People have been asking her opinion on "the best this or that" for decades.  So now, with the launch of unltd.com, she's gone digital with it!

In recent years, Janet also reverted back to her passion for books and antiques and has been involved with the sales and auctioneering of both.  An antiquarian "bookwoman", she is best known globally for her expertise regarding children's books.  Of the descriptive monikers bestowed upon her over the years, she has two favorites ... both intended as compliments (!) by the bestowers:  "The Book Broad" and "The Holly Golightly of The Book Trade."  (Her husband prefers the latter to the former.)

Besides books and the written word, other passions and hobbies include:  American History and Historic Preservation; Real Estate (all facets) & Architecture; Collecting Dollhouses, Miniatures, and Postcards; Theatre & Music; Dancing; Playing Cards; and (until more recently) Horseback Riding, Skiing, and "Cruising" the New England Coast. 

Oh yes, and being mother to an umbrella cockatoo.

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